Saturday, March 28, 2009

Estrella TV: Coming Soon to a Station Near You

LBI Media/Liberman Broadcasting, one of the largest Spanish language broadcasters in the United States, will soon launch their own nationwide television network called Estrella TV. The network will launch with a great arsenal of owned and operated full-power television stations in some of the largest Hispanic markets in the country including KRCA in Los Angeles, KMPX in Dallas, KZJL in Houston, and KPNZ in Salt Lake City. Liberman has also purchased a few low-power stations including one in the largest market in the country, New York City (WASA-LP) and one in the large Hispanic market of Phoenix (KVPA-LP).

Liberman has also announced that they have numerous affiliation agreements that will reach a large portion of the Hispanic population in the United States. Liberman has done a great job in setting the foundation for this new endeavor. One of the strengths of the new network will be the full-power televisions that will carry the network. This enables the network to have full cable and satellite coverage though each of those markets. Another good thing going for Liberman is that they produce nearly all of their own content. Liberman has production studios in the Los Angeles area that churns out hours of original programming per day. Unlike other recent upstart networks they can custom tailor the content to suit the uniqueness of the Hispanic population in the United States. It also enables them to create custom advertising solutions in the programming they produce. And finally I think another strength Liberman has is that they have a unique stable of programming. Unlike the other major Hispanic broadcasters that are heavily reliant on telenovela, Liberman instead counterprograms with talk shows, news, and reality television shows.

Overall I think Liberman Broadcasting has a good chance for success and Estrella TV is definitely worth keeping an eye on.

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